Company Profile


Babich Thailand Ltd.

has been established since 1990, is the leading company for concrete Reinforcement activity in the Construction Industry.

Babich Thailand, during the past decade, has become a Highly Efficient and competitive company in Reinforcement application and performance, through our experience in the Construction of Housing, Hotel, Highways, Expressway and Building, taking advantage of the parent company’s expertise.

Babich Thailand has undertaken a number of Major Contracts.

Work Procedure


A well organized worksite is not only creates an Orderly, Safer and Discipline Working Environment, but also directly linked to Savings. Babich's system of yard operation is where order, safety and discipline are the daily pre-occupation of their supervisory staff.

Babich's system dose not only take into consideration its own interests action as a Contractor, but also the SAVINGS it can bring to its customer by using various techniques of fabrication.

Working Procedure

1/ Drawings and Raw Material

BABICH will study the Drawings properly to perform the two purposes

  • First- Request of better rebars arrangement on Design for Prefabrication Methods.

  • Second- Optimization of Length use for reduction of wastage factor.

2/ Process of Cut&Bend and Storage

Babich has used the most advanced computer technology in our management, the data will be organized from the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) and recorded into our computerised management whereby it will optimize the consumption of meterials, the production tags upto the efficient and accurate report of our production.

3/ Process of Fixing Rebar

Babich 's main activities are also concerned on this topic (work scopes are prefabrication, installation and laying insitu) which we need the best expertise to perform the optimum result in term of productivity and quality.

  • Prefabrication Methods, by our experience has proved a great result in term of average benefit to the overall progress from several project which Babich has performed.

  • Installation of Prefabrication Reinforcement Elements such as column, tie beam, cross beam and other sophisticated rebar components need a maximum safety factor before any lifting.

  • Laying Reinforcement Insitu need a good study of the drawings prior starting and must be controlled and performed accordingly