As the competition grows stronger on the international construction market, contractors have lower and lower budgets in all sections of the construction works. The need to optimize each task has become a must.

Our 50 years experience in reinforcement works, have brought us to develop techniques both management and construction that in turn made us the leaders in reinforcement works optimizations. Here are a few of the benefits you will gain by using our services :

  On site Fixing Times Reduction

Indeed, we, at Babich, can provide strong technical support to our clients on reducing actual on-site fixing times and in turn, optimize construction schedule, formwork rotations, and crane times attributed to reinforcement works.

With a thorough study of the reinforcement drawings and 50 years experience, we will detail each structure and organize it into a factory style production method keeping in mind transport considerations, lifting capabilities and space available on-site for this purpose. On site, will remain only connection works between the prefabricated cage and existing connectingbars.

  Material consumption Reduction

With extensive use of computerized technologies to optimize detailing and cutting, we undertake the reinforcement works with a guaranty on the wastage factor.

Along with the economical benefits, our company was build around a very strong team spirit whose goals are no less then to guaranty our clients of the companies commitments.

Our team has evolved into a melting pot of various nationalities made of the best people in our business. Indeed, our quality resource ensures our clients that the right people be assigned to each project.

On the construction side, using our services starts by letting us know of your works schedule and forwarding us the construction drawings. Our site managers and engineers will detail those documents and prepare what is needed for fabrication, pre-fabrication and fixing works along with a reinforcement production schedule. They will ensure that the materials needed are on site when required, not earlier for storage considerations, not later for schedule considerations. They will organize manpower resources accordingly and deliver to our clients the finished reinforcement structure always on time.