Babich is a building and civil construction works sub-contractor specialized in Concrete Reinforcement. Our activity spans from preparing shop-drawings to on-site installation.

Preparation Of shop drawings

Our skilled engineers prepare shop-drawings from design drawings. Indeed, using their extensive technical experience in the fixing works, they shall study and prepare executable documents with a high concern over installation feasibility. The detailing process is included in this section of applicable.

Good Site Organization


An essential part of saving materials is to detail each bar based on execution drawings and prepare a BBS (Bar Bending Schedule). Our experienced engineers shall study and diagnose all potential fixing difficulties from which proposals of improvement can be done. This activity is also an integral part of preparing factory style fixing works where caging is identified and sketched.      


The fabrication services can be operated either from our existing facilities or by building one for the project’s purpose. Two options are then considered: off-site if site space is limited or on-site.

We use the BBS as the basic tool for production and all administration documents related.


This service can be done on-site or off-site depending on site space availability and transportation costs. It consists of preparing caged structures out of the critical schedule path, a process highly prized for time saving reinforcement works. This process is analyzed and scheduled either through the detailing or through the preparation of shop drawings.


Our performance here is known worldwide. Our capabilities to master the above and installation led us to be the choice for large scale projects worldwide. We pride in offering a combination of quality works, always on schedule, with a dynamic and flexible construction team and at the same time, providing economical solutions both in material consumption and schedule optimization.


We provide consulting services both technical and managerial. Our process here is to provide a skilled engineer to:

Ř      Diagnose problem and performance

Ř      Prepare technical reports on reinforcement works approach

Ř      Manage the reinforcement works.